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Dream! Dream. And then go for it! Young people are idealistic, they believe this world can become a better place – go for it!”- Archbishop Desmond Tutu
SAWW awards Desmond Tutu Scholarships annually to qualified, financially disadvantaged students in South Africa. And grow the seeds of South Africa’s future through educating women. Your support is needed to help us continue, and increase the number of scholarships. Your help in creating opportunity, for deserving young women in their quest for education, is appreciated. Let us know if you would like to help, or, if you know a student in South Africa needing assistance.

In 1998, South African Women for Women was initiated and formed under the leadership of President Carole Adriaans. That same year, SAWW launched its scholarship programme.
Through SAWW’s Education Initiatives, our mission is to support and empower South African women.

Thus the TUTU SCHOLARSHIP FUND awards annual scholarships to qualified, financially disadvantaged, South African born, female students.

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU has through the years been an indefatigable supporter of SAWW. He has shown his support by attending various fundraising functions such as the Gala Award Ceremonies and Cocktail receptions. His Grace is constantly in touch with SAWW.




The SAWW/DESMOND TUTU FUND has been an outstanding success for our community. Many of the female scholars who received scholarships over the past five years would not been able to complete their degrees or diplomas without this valuable assistance.

Each year the Scholarship Selection Committee faces a heart-wrenching task as it receives increasing numbers of applications from students who meet or surpass the selection criteria. The Scholarship Fund has grown, but not sufficiently to meet these requests.

The cost of tertiary education has increased significantly and so have the requests for financial assistance.

YOUR SUPPORT is needed to help us continue and increase the number of scholarships awarded to deserving young women in their quest for education.

The challenge of raising funds is immense. The reward of giving knows no bounds.

REMEMBER: Educate a woman and you educate a whole family.
Please, invest in education.