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Established in 1996, South African Women for Women is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the empowerment of  South African women - those who live in South Africa and those who have settled in Canada - by encouraging long-term systemic change.
We believe in inclusiveness and are committed to a model of sharing, participation and influence which transcends traditional definitions of power and privilege. We wish to unite all South African women, no matter what their socio-economic backgrounds may be, and  promote recognition of our cultural and historical legacy for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations. 


Carole Adriaans
President, SAWW

Meet our President

One of the highlights of the organization is the celebration of South African Women's Day when the accomplishments of outstanding South African women globally are honoured. We pay tribute to the individual contributions they have made to our common good. These women serve as role models for all of us. We salute them and their achievements. In honouring these exceptional women, South African Women for Women is also making a contribution to the betterment of all women in South Africa. 

While the awards ceremony is perhaps the most easily recognized program of SAWW, we offer a full range of educational programs that fully reflect our mandate.

For example, we are proud of the South African Women for Women’s Teacher Mentoring Program through which we were able to send eleven Ontario teachers to schools and educational centres in South Africa to introduce new teaching strategies and support teachers. This initiative is a first for SAWW and is designed to specifically respond to the needs identified in the South African schools. One of the important by-products of this initiative will be the establishment of an electronic network of teacher communication with their Canadian counterparts. 

In this way, communication and dialogue will be able to continue long after the Canadian teachers return home.

Additionally, the organization’s Board members and patrons take every opportunity to articulate the needs and aspirations of the South African community to our supporters. 

Most importantly, we offer scholarships to disadvantaged South African students. We are proud to say that the Scholarship Fund has successfully sponsored a number of students thus far, and the applications continue to flood in each year. 

It is important to note that South African Women for Women is funded solely by its membership fees and fundraising activities. Membership growth is therefore a priority, currently,  we are developing new incentives and programs, which will keep our members involved and we hope, attract new members.

It goes without saying that a large membership means a bigger bank balance. A bigger bank balance means we can provide more support.