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Our goal is to bring education, health promotion and scholarships to students who are financially disadvantaged. We work very hard to raising funds to support our programs and are most thankful for the support our students receive.
The numerous requests we receive for scholarships are unfortunately not met by the wonderful sponsors we have, and that's why we ask for help. There is no Donation too small that comes from the Heart.

We appreciate all the help we receive. Thank you for your support.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and kind emails.

Our programs are supported by donations from you and our sponsors. Any size gift helps us to teach the importance of education.

Join us in making the world a better place by educating a student, by teaching them the importance of prevention of mother and children transmission of HIV/AIDS and by sharing our expertise of the Teacher Mentoring Program with their counterparts in South Africa.

We have set up a few ways for you to show your support and help us in our efforts to bring these programs to our students.

You can send your donation by mail to South African Women for Women,
24 Woodrow Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M4C 5S2,

or by e-mailing us at:
or by calling us at 416-691-9406 and chatting to us about ways in which you would like to help.