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1999 • 3rd Annual SAWW Awards

They came from far and wide to celebrate the annual South African Women for Women awards at a gala function held at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto - a day that is significant in South African history, the day that women, of all colours, stood up for their rights. There were messages from the Queen's representative, the Prime Minister of Canada and the High Commissioner for South Africa. There was singing and dancing and speeches that touched at the heart. It was truly a reflection of what women the world-over stand for today. MC for the evening was the adorable Noelle Richardson, the well known CBC and CTV news anchor. It was a glorious occasion. And, all the money raised went towards the betterment of women and children in South Africa.

Tandie Klassen was this years recipient of the prestigious Woman of Distinction Award. Among the guests of honour were Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah; the Hon. Jean Augustine, MP and patron of SAWW; Alvin Curling, MPP, representing TWI Inc; Jackie Richardson, vocalist, actress and TV host; John Vasey of De Beers, Canada; Paul Milbourn, Ministry of Environment representing the Canadian Bar Association; Mary-Anne Chambers, Senior Vice -President, Electronic Banking Business Service, The Bank of Nova Scotia; Leila MacKenzie, Hon Consul General of Senegal; Phyllis Jordan, author and veteran activist; Carol Abrahamse, President of the South Peninsula Alumni Association; Geoff Belchetz, Canada, South African Chamber of Business; Yvonne Blackwood, Royal Bank Community Bank Advisor and Hope Sealy; Member, Immigration and Refugee Board.

To view the personal profiles of the 1998 recipients, click on the links below:
Sathima Bea Benjamin
Performing and Recording

Feroza Bhabha
Social Justice

Sibongile Booi
Engineering Sciences

Rosalind Cairncross
Environmental Causes

Pumla Goboda-Madikizela
Human Rights

Marlene George
Entrepreneurial and Business

Corin Greenberg
Children's Health

Marian Jacobs
Children's Health Education

Suhana Meharchand
Journalism and Media Arts

Amelia Blossom Pegram
Arts and Literature

Ramie Veerappan
Community Services

The Most Reverend Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Carole Adriaans (centre), President of SAWW and Mrs. Leah Tutu at the ceremony

The Most Reverend had the crowd cheering when he joined singer Tandie Klaasen on stage for an imprompto jive session

MC for the evening - Noelle Richardson - CBC and CTV news anchor

Sathima Benjamin- recipient of the Performing and Recording Award

Alvin Curling MPP,
representing TWI Inc.

Ramie Veerappan (left) is presented with her award by Yvonne Blackwood, Royal Bank Community Bank Advisor