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1998 • 2nd Annual SAWW Awards

South African Women for Women held their annual 1998 awards ceremony in Toronto in August last year and it was a tremendous success.  The awards were made in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by these women to achieve a better future for young people, for women and for society in general.   Dr Jean Augustine, M.P. who served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada in 1993 presented the awards to the recipients and Zurayah Abass who was nominated as Women of Honour was the keynote speaker at the awards ceremony. It was held at St Lawrence Hall, Toronto on August 9.

To view the personal profiles of the 1998 recipients, click on the links below:

Wilhelmina Fredericks
Communication and Film 
Phyllis Ntantala Jordan
Social Justice 
Sylvia Vollenhoven 
Journalism and Media 
Tracy Isaacs 
Philosphy and Ethics 
Josie Makotoko 
Community Health 
Phillis Frank 
Community Service 
Dianne Case 
Arts and Literature 
Coleen "Chips" Klein
Entrepreneurial Role Model 
Sheila Sisulu


Guests at the awards ceremony

Phillis Frank, a recipient, sharing a moment with an old friend, Augustus Adriaans

Phyllis Jordan (centre), one of the recipients with Ron Hendrickse of Cancosa and her son, Lindi.


View of the ceremony


Carole Adriaans, President of SAWW (seated) with a friend at the ceremony