2006 • Scholarship Recipients

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South African Women for Women are excited to announce our four scholarship recipients for the 2006 academic year as well as special sponsorships for two Primary Schools

Mr. August Adonis Adriaans - The First Principal of Perivale Primary School  - a new Grade "R" play area will be built in his loving memory


Mr. August Adriaans, Arch. Tutu and his wife

Exciting News!

We are also proud to Sponsor
- Perivale Primary School -
Grade "R" Play Area - in loving memory of August Adriaans, First Principal of the School
- W.D. Hendricks Primary School -

Leigh Wagner
Ms. Wagner has completed her fifth year of a MB,CHB (Medicine) degree at the University of Stellenbocsh. This is a six year programme. Her supervisor outlines her dedication to continue being a role model to young women. Leigh is a dedicated student with exceptional people skills., which will be an asset to her profession.

This is an excerpt from her last letter to S.A.W.W.:

"I am eternally grateful for the role that your organization has played in my life over the past four years; not only on a personal and financial level but also on my career and ultimately, my future.  I, in turn, hope to share and apply the knowledge and skills I've learnt over the past 5 years to benefit my nation and contribute to the development of women in South Africa"

Xolisa Pakati
Ms. Pakati is on her third and final year, studying at the University of Cape Town - Drama School.  The MEC of the University is now the premier of Eastern and as a result Ms. Pakati has lost her financial support.  She is in great need for food money and was prepared to sign a document with the University to allow her to finish her studies and pay back the tuition after graduation.
Dimple Deepa Shastry
Ms. Shastry is on her second year of Health Studies at the University of Pretoria. Her sick single mother cannot afford paying for her studies, but because of her outstanding achievements she received a bursary for her first year of study.  Her dedication and hard work show clearly on her grade reports, and she was granted "top performer" recognition.
This is an excerpt from her letter to S.A.W.W.:

"I have always wanted to become a doctor because so much had been studied about the human body already and yet more is being discovered daily.  I have the potential to make a great contribution to the medical world and to my community as well"
Larina Naidoo
Ms. Naidoo is on her second year, studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Internal Auditing at the University of South Africa.  
This is an excerpt from her letter to S.A.W.W.:

My South African dream is to educate myself in the BCom Internal Auditing degree to empower disadvantaged women and children that have dreams and ambitions to succeed"