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South African Women for Women are proud to announce our scholarship recipient for the 2005 academic year. 


Leigh Wagner
Ms. Wagner has completed her fourth year of a MB,CHB (Medicine) degree at the University of Stellenbocsh. This is a six year programme. Her supervisor states that Leigh is a dedicated student who has exceptional people skills, which will be an asset to her profession.

In an excerpt from an e-mail to S.A.W.W., Leigh talks about her past experiences and plans for the future:

"It is with sincere appreciation that I write this e-mail. I thank you, the President and the rest of the Board of South African Women for Women for once again giving me the opportunity to pursue my studying career. I am humbled by your support and I will therefore continue to strive to do my best.

In 2005 I will be entering my 5th (and second last year) of my MBChB degree. Time has flown by so quickly, it was like yesterday, I recall making my first application for a South African Women for Women Scholarship! This year has been an exciting one for me. It has been a year of growth, not only in my academic life but also spiritually and emotionally.

My academic year consisted of 5 different clinical rotations as well as 5 different theoretical modules. I was also privileged to be part of a group of medical students who worked in a rural community near Cape Town. The volume of work has been a challenge this year but I can proudly say that I did not let it get me down, as I successfully passed my 4th year.

My 5th year will no doubt be as challenging, as I continue to work in
Tygerberg Hospital, and will become a Student Intern (where we no longer have formal lectures but work and obtain clinical skills in the hospital) later this year.