2003• Scholarship Recipients

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South African Women for Women are proud to announce our scholarship recipients for the 2003 academic year. 



Samanthea Arendse
Ms. Arendse is a 2002 recipient. She has received the Best Financial Accounting Award in her second year of study at the University of Western Cape. Ms. Arendse was also invited to join the International Key Society for top undergraduate students. Her supervisor confirmed that she is an outstanding student.

Ms. Bronwyn Bruce
Ms. Bruce is studying at at the University of South Africa. Her focus is B.A. in Social Work. She passed her first year with distinction. Currently, she is working on her second year.

Anna Marsh
Ms. Marsh's intention is to persue a B. Science degree in Dietics at the University of Stellenbosch. She hopes to use her skills to educate and improve the nutrition of people living in the poverty stricken communities.

Takalani Girlie Nemungadi
Ms. Nemungadi is registered as a Honours student in Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Cape Town. For her research project, she is focusing on Human Papillomavirus (associated with cervical cancer). Her objective is to become a researcher in the field of medical virology.

Mazithi Nxokwana
Ms. Nxokwana is entering her her third year in a B.Commerce degree at Rhodes University. She recently lost her father. Her supervisor states that she is an intelligent, motivated young lady who has set a clear objectives for herself.

Busisiwe Belinda Phongolo
Ms. Phongolo was the top student in 2001. She hopes to persue a B.Commerce degree at Rhodes University. She wishes to set an example for women who wish to enter the field of economics.

Leigh Bocsh
Ms. Bocsh is studying languages at Rhodes University. She hopes to enter the Diplomatic corps.Her supervisor confirmed that she has the potential to be a leader in her field and serve as a role model to other South African Women.

Leigh Wagner
Ms. Wagner has completed her first year of a MB,CHB(Medicine) degree at the University of Stellenbocsh. This is a six year programme. Her supervisor states that Leigh is a dedicated student who has exceptional people skills, which will be an asset to her profession.