2001 • Scholarship Recipients

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South African Women for Women are proud to announce our scholarship recipients for the 2001 academic year.  In celebrating our fifth year, this organization has been successful in providing a total of nineteen students with scholarships.


Lutasha Abrahams

Samenthea Arendse

Sibusiso Mkwananzi

Silindile Nhlengetwa

Ms. Abrahams entered her final year in a Bachelor of Theology program at the University of Western Cape. She hopes to be ordained as a minister. As a minister, her intent is to empower her community through teaching and education. Her advisor states that she is a "dedicated and diligent student."

Ms. Ndazulwana entered her first year in a Bachelor Psychology  program at the University of Western Cape. She does volunteer work with HIV and rape victims in her community. Her objective on graduation is to "Focus on helping the physically challenged people in the poor community." 


Ms. Pinda entered the first year of a four-year degree in Law at the University of Western Cape. Ms. Pinda's supervisor strongly recommended her as a SAWW Scholarship Candidate. She is a dedicated and focussed student who demonstrates leadership qualities and a willingness to learn. Ms. Pinda writes that receiving a scholarship would be "the key to my future and the key to open closed doors for me and women, especially those who are in need of legal counsel." She also thanks SAWW for securing the Women’s Cassinga II residence at the University of the Western Cape where she lives on campus. These security improvements were a result of a generous donation by Mrs. Leila MacKenzie, a patron of SAWW. 

Ms. Arendse entered her second year in a Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Western Cape. Her objective is to become a Chartered  Accountant. Ms. Arendse feels that she could use her interpersonal skills in a commercial environment to further communication between the private and public sector. She is currently maintaining a 78 percent average. Ms. Arendse's advisor states that:  "She is an outstanding student who will make a success of her university studies." 

Ms. Delport entered her third year in a LL.B. Program at the University of Western Cape. She serves her community as a counsellor for victims of crime and as a leader of the local Christian Women's Ministry.  Ms. Delport hopes to use her legal skills to promote the safety of children. 

Ms. Mkwananzi entered her third year in Bachelor of Dental Science program at the University of Witwatersrand. In High School, she received numerous awards for being the top student in academics, French, Hebrew and Ndebele. Her intent is to "bring oral hygiene to the underprivileged public." She also hopes to help other financially strapped students gain their degrees. Her supervisor states that: "She has maintained a good academic record." He feels that she will fulfil a need in the Transkei, which is woefully short of dentists. 

This recipient is 23 years of age and comes from a small, very poor community called Atlantis, approximately 70km outside of Cape Town.  She has completed the B.Com (Hons in Economics) degree and majored in Economics and Statistics at the undergraduate level.  She is currently studying for her M.Com (Economics).   She is a hardworking student with a clear vision of where she is going and has set the goal of becoming an economist. Her results are indicative of her tenacity and her will to achieve these goals. 

Ms. Nhlengetwa entered the third year of a National Diploma in Civil Engineering at the Technicon Natal. She is actively involved in the KwaZulu-Natal Program for Survivors of Violence. Ms. Nhlengetwa  initiated and participates in a Technicon/Natal University Science-Math Mentoring Program for High School students in KwaMashu Township. Her goal is to interest young women in the fields of Math/Science and Engineering.  Her supervisor  states that she has a good aptitude and attitude for the field of Civil Engineering. 

This recipient is 22 years of age and comes from a small community called in an area known for its poverty and high rate of unemployment approximately 20km outside of Cape Town.  She has completed the B.Com (Hons in Economics) Cum Laude and is currently studying for her M.Com (Hons in Economics).   Her hard work and will to succeed  are major contributing factors to her academic excellence.  After completing her Masters Degree, she sees herself in a top management position, and after gaining relevant work experience, envisages studying further. 

Ms. Witbooi is a 2001 Scholarship recipient. Her 2000 final exams show that she did extremely well, having passed with an "A" average. She has continued to balance her studies with her community volunteer work. Ms. Witbooi's supervisor stated, "She is certainly an asset to SAWW worldwide." This is the second year we are supporting Ms Witbooi in her third year of her Bachelor of Science Program in Physiotherapy at the University of Western Cape. 

This recipient is 26 years of age and comes from the Northern Cape. She has completed the B.Bibl degree majoring in Library Science and Information Science is currently enrolled for M.Com in Information Systems. She is a diligent student who sees herself as a Director in the Tourism Industry with the ambition of assuring that the tourism industry grows through the use of Information Technology, thus contributing to the economy of South Africa.   She is a committed student who has held several leadership positions.  A highlight in her career is receiving an award for a distinction in Library Science. 

This recipient is 24 years of age and comes from the Northern Cape, a province where many  disadvantaged Blacks reside. She has completed the B.Com (Gen)  degree majoring in Accounting and Management and  is currently studying for her Advanced Diploma in Management. She is a hardworking student who sees herself in a top management position and furthering her studies after gaining the necessary work experience.  She has held several leadership positions and is particularly proud of gaining a distinction in Afrikaans, a notable achievement for a Black South African who's first language is Xhosa.