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“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” - Nelson Mandela

The SAWW Health Program works from the spirit of Ubuntu. Recognizing and promoting individual and societal well-being. SAWW fosters the health and respect for humanity. Providing women in South African sustained education and support in all aspects of health. A priority focus is supporting programs that reduce rape. SAWW is guided with the vision to heal women and children from the infection of HIV, Aids, and other consequences from sexual violence.
How can you help? Let us know if you would like to assist with this program. Make a donation. Host or sponsor the vision of a South African health professional. Establish a Health Scholarship to honor of a loved one. Nominate a remarkable individual working in the health field for an award.

Together we empower living.

The women's health promotion program of activities support the health programmes and initiatives that enhance women's health in South Africa. The programme also facilitates linkages to other women's health promotion advocacy activities by other forward-looking health organizations globally. 

The programme is premised on the understanding that " is a resource for everyday living..." as noted by the World Health Organization. Thus South African Women for Women 's work in this area serves to enhance our work in other areas of support.

As our Health Program is of a developing nature we ask that you continue to visit our website for further updates.



The goal of this project is to assist and support the development of a comprehensive, prevention, promotion, educational and treatment program in women and children’s health care. 

The project will be conducted through identified health care centers in these marginalized, under serviced communities in South Africa. As we develop the programme further, we will review and add other components to our work.

In all this work, please note that for some of the projects identified, we will be working in collaborative partnerships with other organizations that have the same interests we do. Please continue to visit our website for updates on this programme. 


• Identification of needs, struggles and access to health care in these marginalized and at risk communities in South Africa.
• Increase understanding, knowledge, and skills of health care professionals, women and children in the areas of prevention, early intervention and promotion of health care issues at large. 
• To enhance support, partnership and collaboration and connections between South Africa and Canada. 
• Involve and encourage the community to participate in their own health care. 
• Increase collaboration and contact with South African Communities, Universities, Colleges and Community health centers. 


Once we have identified the current health care needs of the South African Community, we will be able to implement and make the necessary changes to ensure that health care is at par with other privileged members of the South African community.
Ultimately, we would like to work with members of the South African Community to establish the health and prevention health and delivery structure, which they need.  This might include end products such as written materials, information, manuals, videos, websites and personnel. 

Currently, we are exploring a program supporting forensic testing for sexual abuse victims in South Africa, in collaboration with Sunnybrook Hospital and the Women's College Health Centre, which is recognized by the World Health Organization Collaborative Centre. This program is related to the HIV/AIDS testing and treatment support.