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Meet our President

In 1994 Carole Adriaans established an organization called South African Women for Women (SAWW), to recognize and further the work done by South African women globally.


The organization is active on a number of fronts. Each year SAWW provides scholarships to qualified, financially disadvantaged young women in South Africa.

SAWW also administers a teacher mentoring program in which Ontario teachers spend three weeks with their counterparts in disadvantaged South African schools. These visits are profound learning experiences for all participants.

The highlight of the SAWW calendar is an annual fundraising gala celebrating August 9th, South African Women’s Day.

SAWW has recently launched a women's health project which is based on a program pioneered by Women's College Hospital's Sexual Assault Care/ Domestic Violence Centre.

The program provides strategies and techniques regarding medical treatment, forensic testing, counseling and follow-up services. The program also includes liaison with the criminal justice system, community education initiatives, and long-term academic research.

Carole led a delegation to South Africa to meet with potential partners in a variety of fields. The delegation met with clinicians, policy-makers, legal and women's rights activists.

South African Women for Women and the Centre for Reserach on Women’s Health, Women’s College Hospital & Sunnybrook, received the mission of eight individuals from South African from March 1st to March 8th, 2002.

The mission of this delegation was to expose the visitors to a broad range of health related interventions to address violence against women, with specific special attention to reducing AIDS/ HIV risk behavior in SA.

Just recently (February 2003) the Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Ms Cheryl Gillwald met with Carole Adriaans, and the representatives of the Centre for Research to discuss further consultations on this project of violence against women in South Africa and Canada.

Carole is active on a number of other fronts; she has organized fundraising events for Archbishop Tutu and the University of the Western Cape, hosted visiting Royals, the late Dianne, Princess of Wales, the Prince Charles and their two sons to the Province of Ontario, and engages in extensive community work.

Most recently she organized a fundraising event for the Phelophepa Health Care Train (Click HERE for details).