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Zubeda Dangor

Zubeda Dangor matriculated from Lenasia High School. She obtained her BA and
BA Honours degrees from the University of South Africa. She acquired her M
Ed in Educational Psychology and her H.Dip.Ed in Adult Education cum laude
from the University of Witwatersrand. She did her Clinical Psychology Internship at the T.H. Moross Centre and the Sterkfontein Hospital. She completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. Her research was entitled 'Life after abuse: An exploration of women's strategies for overcoming abuse'. In it, she explored the strategies abused women use to overcome power and control in their intimate relationships, using their own self-agency. The research was directed identifying empowerment strategies used by women in the process of leaving abusive relationships. She received a post-graduate scholarship through the Institute for International Education to study at the University of Notre Dame in the United States. More recently she has been doing some consulting work for NGO's and the Children's Oncology Unit at the Johannesburg General Hospital. She also participated in the International Leadership Program of the United Nations University in Amman, Jordan. Subsequently she obtained an international qualification in the Advanced Training of Trainers from the Women's Leadership program at Cedpa International, which focused on women's
transformational leadership. Currently she is completing an Organisational Development course in Africa.

Zubeda has conducted extensive training ina range of situations. She co-facilitated a

workshop on multiculturalism with Febe Dueg, a Dutch expert in Amsterdam. With a group of psychologists she conducted training with mental health professionals in which they addressed the role of leadership and transformation. She also conducted workshops for high court judges, aspirant judges, medical doctors and police on gender sensitivity and domestic violence. She has mentored trainers for NGO's on gender-based violence in Johannesburg and has trained social workers and women managers on personal change and empowerment.

Zubeda has worked extensively in the field of violence against women. She is currently the executive director of the Nisaa Institute for Women's Development - a non-governmental organisation, launched in 1994, by a group of committed gender activists.

She served on the editorial board of Lola Press, an international feminist magazine, the Women’s Health Project Book and Reclaiming Women’s Spaces, a book initiated and published by the Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development. Until 2000, she taught a course on gender violence and community development for Masters students in conjunction with the University of Johannesburg. She has been instrumental in the establishment of two shelters for abused women & their children, has conducted research on various related issues and been a co-author for various publications. Currently she also consults on behalf of the Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development.