2004• Friendship Award

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Since her 20's, Nancy Ruth (C.M., M.A., D.Hum.L., LL.D., YWCA Women of Distinction Award) has been a feminist "truth teller" and social activist, and has run twice for the Ontario Provincial Legislature.

She has been instrumental in co-founding organizations that work for women's social change in Canada like the Charter of Rights Coalition, LEAF [The Women's Legal Education and Action Fund] and The Canadian Women's Foundation, a foundation specifically directed to supporting women and girls in micro-enterprise and violence prevention.

She was a visionary in the founding and development of the Women's Future Fund, a national fund raising effort to replace governments funding of women's groups; and in The Linden School, Toronto's first girl's school based on feminist pedagogy.

Nancy Ruth's co-mothered the "CoolWomen" website. “CoolWomen” is Canada’s largest website for high schoolers, on the history and contribution of women to Canada, with 40 to 100,000 hits a month (www.coolwomen.ca).

She has sat on the Board of Directors of these and other organizations: The Economic Council of Canada, The Canadian Centre for Arms Control, The Canada-USA Fulbright Foundation, The Doctor's Hospital Foundation, Mount Saint Vincent University, The LEAF Foundation, and The International Institute of Concern for Public Health.

Nancy Ruth has given a powerful and eloquent voice to women in Ontario and Canada. She has spoken extensively on the Charter, on the three-year moratorium on equality rights in the law, on the inequities of the Meech Lake and the Charlottetown Accords and on myriad issues concerning women, poverty, politics and economics. She has a keen interest in feminist art and culture, music, education and spiritual expression.

Nancy Ruth has been described as determined, outspoken, humourous, warm, dedicated, loyal, talented, generous, committed, principled, a giver of strength, and a model of purpose.