2004• Friendship Award

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Kay McConney has been the Consul-General of Barbados in Canada for the past six years, and Dean of the CARICOM (Caribbean Community) Consular Corps for two years.

Her assignment as Consul General completes nearly twenty-six years of representing her native country internationally in various capacities, including sport, theatre, scholarship and diplomacy.

Educated in the Caribbean, North America and Europe with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in international trade and a MBA in international business, Kay McConney brings an international perspective to her professional life as well as to community service. She has served on the Boards, Executive Councils and Steering Committees of various civic and business organizations in both Barbados and Canada.

During her tour of duty as a senior diplomat in Canada, she has spearheaded several innovative initiatives in the Barbadian and Caribbean communities, and she has consistently given avid support to causes aimed at advancing South Africa, South African women and the South African community at large.

Beyond that, she has also made the time to reach into the wider Canadian society as a committed volunteer on projects related to youth, leadership, community development, and the arts. Among them: featured presenter on leadership at York University’s award-winning Emerging Global Leaders Retreat; Board Chair of Obsidian Theatre Company; Entrepreneurship Workshop facilitator at the Applause Institute of Toronto; champion and Chair of the Caribbean-Canadian Literary Expo (CCLE); and featured speaker at several events to which she brings the experience of a multifaceted career that spans the areas of marketing, investment promotion, industrial/entrepreneurial development and business management.

Recently described by an article in She Caribbean magazine as a “dynamo in the Foreign Service”, Kay McConney is driven by the desire to give back to country and to community. While she claims Barbados as home, she embraces the communities of the world as her own.