2004• Community Service

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Amanda Fouche Uys is the founder and visionary behind the creation of of Student City, South Africa’s leading provider of student accommodation.

Located in the inner city suburb of Berea, Johannesburg, the success of the project has become the impetus for the upliftment of the entire neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

Amanda began a career in law, but soon realised her interests lay in community service, and she joined her mother in working with the aged. This led to the purchasing of property in Berea, the establishment and expansion of a care centre for the elderly, and the founding of a registered Nurses Training School — recognised by the South African Nursing Council — the only one of its kind in the country. From those premises, Amanda expanded again into the sprawling venue which has become Student City.

Far beyond the basic needs of accommodation and food, Amanda has ensured that Student City provides students with a ‘lifestyle and learning’ environment which encourages them to fulfill their dreams.
At Student City, the mission is to provide sustainable student accommodation which enhances quality of life and academic success. Frequently referred to as a “student paradise” the centre is a vast expanse of beautifully maintained buildings and tranquil gardens, allowing students to thrive in a nurturing and uplifting atmosphere.

Additionally, Student City provides accommodation for students of CIDA CITY Campus — the first free university in South Africa. Amanda has fundraised for, housed, transported and fed CIDA students since it’s inception. Today, Student City accommodates up to 700 students from all over the country and across Africa.

Amanda’s vision continues, and the success of Student City has become the impetus for further community development and economic revival in the inner city. In partnership with the local community, her future proposals include further development of the vibrant student area, reflecting her continued commitment to the future successes of young students, and to urban revitalisation.

Amanda’s philosophy of life? “Grasp every opportunity. Take responsibility. Believe in, and love what you do. Become involved and have fun doing it. Above all, strive to make that difference.” Amanda continues to reach for the sky. A qualified pilot with several hundred hours of flight time, and advanced flight safety and cross-country ratings, she is also an accomplished Powered Paraglider (PPL) pilot.