1999 • Entrepreneurial and Business Award

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Born in Cape Town, Marlene had a dream to travel to England in order to further her studies in dance with the ultimate aim of becoming a dance teacher.  Sadly, Marlene could not find the funds to realise her dream so, as an alternative, she completed a course in hairdressing which led to her opening her own salon in Grassy Park.

In 1968, married with a ten month old son, Marlene and her family relocated to Toronto in order to create a better life for themselves.  To this end she worked in various jobs from selling wigs to teaching fitness and trading stocks and bonds eventually settling into selling real estate. 

During her career in selling houses and business, Marlene attended many seminars and lectures on improving business skills and she became consumed by the quest for excellence. 
Her thirst for knowledge was quenched when she worked at York University and studied business-related, human relations and psychology courses at Seneca College. 

She also attended the University’s program for Fine Arts Theater and General Arts Studies as a link to her original dream of being a dance teacher. 

Through a personal desire to heal her own past, Marlene also studied alternative health, training in the hands-on methods of therapeutic touch, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and other transformational forms of therapy. 

She now lectures in these areas and gives private consultations to clients whose needs vary from health, emotional and psychological needs to business advice.   Marlene has had the opportunity of giving numerous workshops and consultations in South Africa during her regular visits there over the past eight years. 

With her multi-faceted background, Marlene has the skills, talent and dedication to pass on her advice and therapy to others and has been doing so for over ten years.  She is regularly invited to present seminars on her work and has often appeared on radio and television. 

She holds “Heal your Body” seminars in the community and has spent seven years working with prison inmates uplifting, encouraging, and giving them the skills to make improvements in their lives. 

Her workshops have been presented around the world and she is a recognized teacher of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, a member of the Nurse Healers Professional Association International Inc and an associate member of the Healing Association of Southern Africa and Alpha Social Club which raises funding for less fortunate children. 

What inspires Marlene most is her vision to share her work with those who are in a continuous quest to become all that they desire and to make their dreams a reality.  It gives her great satisfaction to see the positive changes her clients make in their lives when they make the initial decision to change and she is delighted that, for many of her clients, the results are almost immediate.